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At Jim Startup's Foreign Car Repair we pride ourselves on excellent service. Please see testimonials from our customers and visit our Google+ Page, CarTalk or Yelp if you'd like to leave your own review.

I don’t usually write any review. However, I must write for Jim here because I feel indebted to Jim for what he has offered to me. I was shopping around for a good and reliable used car. I called 10 shops and no one wanted to do a pre purchase inspection as they are all busy. I just randomly looked for a shop and had Jim’s number. I called him and he was busy too, but after talking to me he told me bring the car to his shop. He and another guy spent an hour to look at a car with ZERO cost! The car definitely had an issue with its suspension, they put some lubricant and asked us go away without trying to sell anything. I and the seller are all shocked. He explained to me about car’s status what I should know...Such an amazing experience! He does not do any proper advertisement but word of mouth is worth more than anything! Try Jim, you has nothing to lose but you get much more. Thanks Jim for making my day!
— Nhat Nguyen on Google+
This man is a genius. We have five kids who all have cars. We have eight total vehicles and Jim services them all! He has no qualms about telling you like it is. But the thing I love about him is that he always makes your car his number one priority...even if its a teenage sons beater. He goes beyond due diligence and makes sure I can sleep at night knowing my family is safe. He has been a Godsend to my family and I will never take my vehicle anywhere else! Do yourself a favor, don’t trust just anyone to your auto maintenance and safety...only go to the best. Jim at rock!
— Laura Booth on Google+
I just got my car back from Jim. The reviews are true! He’s awesome. Before I took the car in to him, he troubleshooted the problem for me on the phone for free. Anyway, he charged Autozone prices on parts and very fair prices on labor. I will definitely go back to Jim in the future!
— Anonymous on CarTalk
Jim is a saint!! I really love this guy!! You have no idea how much money this man has saved us over the years!! The very first time I called him with a car problem he asked me if my hubby was capable of doing any kind of mechanics, the then gave me a list of things to have him try to do based on the description of the problem and told me if none of that worked to then bring the car in!! I mean how many mechanics do that!! I was sold!! Then months later we bought a used car from a guy on Whidbey island. We had taken it to Precision auto tune before we purchased it to see what was needed in way of repairs. They gave us a list of over $1,000 worth of work to be done and told us that with those fixes it would pass emissions, the car had a California engine and would not pass WA emissions. After buying it we took it to Jim who quoted us half the price on the list given us by Precision. He also told us that regardless of doing all the work the car still would not pass emissions...he’s alway straight forward about everything, very trustworthy!
— Zabrina G. on Yelp
Whenever I have car troubles, I call Jim. Even if he is nowhere near, I can still tell him what sounds my car is making and he can tell me if it is dead or just needs help. And when I’m looking for another car I call him and ask him what cars are good. Let me tell you, he has an encyclopedia of cars in his head to tell you which not to get! Not only that, but he does great work and has good prices. He also tells you what needs fixed and what will need to be fixed, how much the repair costs, and how much future repairs will cost so that you can set aside money. Jim rocks!
— Kate Sutherland on Google+
They only do what is needed. I’ve picked up my truck and had them tell me that the only problem was a leak in a $2.00 vacuum hose. They charged me $20.00 for parts and labor. They explained everything to me in layman’s terms. My only problem with them is that I live in Atlanta now and it’s too far to go to get my vehicles worked on.
— Anonymous on CarTalk
As a kid 60 years ago, I grew up in an auto repair shop. .As a 75 year old , I need somebody to do my work on my 98 Sienna. I found Jim today. He fixed my problems and did a little extra. The bill was less than expected and now my car runs just gr8. I will tell my friends to “go to Jim.
— Ed C. on Yelp
The only place my wife and I trust with our BMW. Jim really knows his stuff and always has been very fair.
— Nate Chamberlain on Google+
An exceptionally competent mechanic. Will go out of his way to hold down cost of repairs to the customer. A real throwback to an earlier era of honesty and value for the dollar.....
— Anonymous on CarTalk
I LOVE JIM.....My family LOVES him too...He goes the extra mile....I had a break light out and he fixed it with my breaks being done and didnt charge me....he said he said he fixed it because it was out!!! Who does that? JIM!!!! I will always take my car to him!!!! I even called him when buying a car and he told me everything that could go wrong with that particular Model....Im so glad I can trust him....He’s the BEST!!!
— Carmal W. on Yelp
I’ve been going to Jim’s since I was 18 and have always gotten a fair deal. If you want to learn about your car, he’ll talk you through what was wrong and what they did to fix it. I used to deliver pizza so I was there quite often, they always knew how to fix what I broke. It has always been word of mouth advertising and he always has a full shop. Not bad for a hole in the basement repair shop!
— Conner Wells on Google+
Dear Lord, please don’t ever let Jim retire! He is as personable a guy and sensible as it gets. I liked him from the minute I met him. It’s not just that he is a great mechanic and has great rates, it is that he is soo funny! If you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t go here. He cracks wise and will talk to you about the intricacies of the work he does on your car, even if you have no idea what he is talking about because it is so complicated. He will continue to shoot the breeze for so long with you you wonder how anything ever gets done, but it does. I am very grateful for his work and character. He is a treasure. Salt of the earth. Plus, he kind of looks like the Gordon’s Fish Sticks guy. My wife thinks he’s hot in a silver fox kind of way as well so I kind of think that’s humorous. Jim you are a rockstar!
— Connor L. on Yelp
Always best service and fair price..Highly recommend.
— Sam Freeman on Google+
Jim’s startup in Everett is the most honest and reasonable priced repair shop you will ever find period. Our family only use him even though we live in Seattle. Once you take your car there, you will never take your car to anywhere else to get repaired!
— Yan Y. on Yelp
It’s amazing when they fix a problem for free, then when you insist on paying, the crusty old mechanic says “A big bag of Cheetos and a Diet Coke.”
— John Deppe on Google+
This is where you want to take your car foreign or domestic! An honest mechanic that will do a great job and not cheat you or run up the bill!
— Robert A. on Yelp
Jim is the BEST. He will work with you on anything and everything. I was car clueless the first few times I went to him, but he always went over everything, showed me whatever parts he could to explain it in an easy way. Great prices, willing to work with what you can do, GREAT guy with a lot of personality. Did an inspection on my 2nd car for free, when other shops would have charged me at least $100. He never tried to sell me on something I didn’t need. He understood I was young and couldnt afford a lot and he would make sure I knew the most important things to get done now, and when I’d need the rest so I could plan for it all and not stretch myself too thin. I recommend everyone I know to him, and will continue to. It doesn’t get any better than startups. Be prepared for a wait most days, since he goes over everything with everyone, it takes a little longer. Like others said, no advertising and hes always VERY busy, that says a lot about the place. Consistant great service, great prices and so helpful.
— Anonymous on Google+
It’s can be tough finding a good mechanic. My husband and I used to drive from Everett to Issaquah until my father-in-law recommended Startup’s. We’ve been bringing our vehicles to him for years. He may specialize in foreign cars but all of ours are domestic and he’s fixed them all! I always feel we get charged a fair price and it has always been fixed right the first time. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— D.L. on Yelp
My car was stalling in both drive and reverse unless I let it warm up for 20-30 min. I took it to Aamcoo and they said it’ll cost around $1000 to fix it, and I paid $100 something just to have them look at the car. It was hard to decide whether I should get it fixed or just get another car, but I love my car. Then, a friend of mine told me to try Jim Startup in Everett, so I took my car to Jim and told him what the problem was. 2 days later, I went pick up the car and it was completely fixed! The car starts right up and drives smoothly, and I paid $130! It’s a miracle! Usually things are too good to be true, but not here! You get both the expert result and low cost! Thanks for having this place!
— Anonymous on Google+
Best car mechanic ever. Had a 2000 beetle at one point, always seemed to want to go to the shop for various (unrelated) problems. Jim always fixed them, charged great prices on labor, and if something didn’t work, he would try something else to ensure that it was correct. I wouldn’t go to any other mechanic. And I will be taking my future cars there as well.
— E.G. on Yelp
A pre-purchase estimate from ‘another shop’ included repairs my car didn’t need and incredibly high rates for what it did.Thank You Startup’s - honest, great communication & fair prices.Great to find an honest mechanic who will NOT take advantage of a middle-age lady. PS - the OTHER shop’s $2400 quote ended up being over 3X my final cost.THANK YOU - I’ll definitely be back!
— Anonymous on Google+
Fantastic! I visited Jim and his staff after a friend recommended them. I was SO pleased with their service and the cost. They are honest, straightforward and won’t jerk you around. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a auto shop and heard other customers rave about how ‘great this place is’. The owner, Jim, handles the customers, but also works in the shop. So, if he’s got his head under a hood, you may have to wait at the counter for 10 minutes or so. Trust me - it’s well worth the wait. I’ll never go anywhere else.
— Lola R. on Yelp
A pre-purchase estimate from ‘another shop’ included repairs my car didn’t need and incredibly high rates for what it did.Thank You Startup’s - honest, great communication & fair prices.Great to find an honest mechanic who will NOT take advantage of a middle-age lady. PS - the OTHER shop’s $2400 quote ended up being over 3X my final cost.THANK YOU - I’ll definitely be back!
— Anonymous on Google+
I wouldn’t take my car to anyone but Jim. He has such a natural instinct, a sixth sense with cars. Be patient when you call in — he spends a lot of time with his clients, and often when I call, it’s either a neverending ring, or a busy signal. He treats his regulars like gold, and he’s done wonders for our cars.
— Brooke Y. on Yelp
I’ve been going to Startup’s for quite a few years as well. Found his place purely by accident sometime around 1982 or so. He took my Datsun B-210, found some stuff that it didn’t need on it, removed it, and I got about 20% better gas mileage. All for no extra charge. Just don’t try and tell him how to do his job or you’re going to be damned sorry...LOL...
— Anonymous on Google+
I echo all of the reviews seen here. Startup’s stands way above the crowd. Sensible car repair. I also appreciate the way he handles his female clients. Honesty, integrity and good measure of good old-fashioned chivalry here. I see it every time I visit.
— Anonymous on Google+
small greasy place, this is how you know it’s good. I found Jim Startup from a recommendation by a co-worker. Apparently he has zero advertising, which is another good sign. Fantastic prices with really high quality parts.
— Anonymous on Google+
I have used this shop 3 times. Always fair and straight forward. I have never been to the shop myself but have become comfortable sending my daughters on their own. CV joints, brakes, and even diagnosed a scary problem as simply plug wires...very pleasant surprise.
— Anonymous on Google+
Jim Startup in a mechanic genius. Honest and fair.
— Anonymous on Google+

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